A Caring Approach

I believe that massage is a very powerful healing modality to not only the body but the soul as well. I pride myself in listening to your body through intuition and experience and try to bring each one of my clients a unique custom healing experience. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients not only on a muscular level but also to connect emotional stresses/traumas to the physical body for a complete healing session.

Amber’s Story

I was born here in Carson City and have lived here my whole life. I life with my boyfriend Keith who moved to the area recently from Houston, Texas. I have 2 rambunctious dogs Dexter and Lua. We enjoy have spending time outdoors hiking or on the lake. I started getting into nature photography a couple of years ago and really enjoying capturing sunrises. Traveling is also a huge part of our lives along with new adventures.


I trained at the Bodhi Tree Massage and Healing arts for several years. I really took my time in massage school, doubling the required hands-on hours, and learning a wide variety of massage modalities ranging from Deep tissue/Cupping to softer modalities like Lymphatic/Oncology massage and even dabbling into Energy work like Reiki. I really enjoy learning new things and am constantly expanding on my knowledge of the body as well modalities and techniques. I treat every day as an opportunity to add to my “tool belt” of techniques and knowledge to try and provide my clients with the best body work I can offer.

I completed training at the Norton school for Lymphatic Therapy April of 2022 and am now a licensed Certified Lymphatic Therapist. This type of massage is for people with lymphatic systems that have been impaired for one reason or another. It also is followed with compression garments or wrapping. I am extremely excited to be able to offer this type of massage to our area as Lymphatic therapist are in short supply.

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