Certified Lymphatic Therapy

I am certified thru the Norton school for Lymphatic therapy and well trained in the Vodder technique for helping remove congested lymphatic fluid due to a lymphatic system that has been damaged, overworked or removed altogether.

This service is for people who have been diagnosed with Lymphedema. post-surgical edema, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Phlebo-lymphostatic edema, Complex regional pain syndrome and Dependent edema related to paralysis who are looking for help moving stuck lymphatic fluid from distal limbs. This treatment is extensive and requires 3-5 appointments per week for several weeks. I do require a in person 45-minute consultation appointment before being able to move forward with any recommendations for treatment.

All treatments will include MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) techniques followed with CDT (complete decongestive therapy) wrapping of the limb we are treating. This CDT wrapping is very important and must stay in place until your following appointment in order to receive optimum results.

1 time 45-minute consultation fee is $90.00

First MLD and bandaging session $200.00 – this is usually a 2-hour treatment.

Each treatment for MLD and CDT is 75 Minutes $155.00

After completion of your last MLD and CDT treatment we will discuss long term compression wear to help keep fluid from building up again in the treated limb.

If you have any questions regarding this treatment, please don’t hesitate to text me at 775-350-9383.

For more literature on Lymphatic treatments using MLD and CDT please check out the links below: