Certified Cosmetic Surgery Therapist

I am certified thru the Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy as a CCST [Certified Cometic Surgery Therapist]. With this certification I am able to assist with your pre-surgical needs as well as your post-surgical needs. With this training I am able to assist you with:

  • Pre- Op Awareness
  • Diet and Exercise Recommendations
  • Post- Op Body Positioning
  • Post- Op Swelling Support Therapy
  • Scar Managment
  • Compression Garment Assessment

With this treatment I would Ideally like to meet with you BEFORE you have surgery. We will go over things such as the type of procedure you are having, Pre-Op diet recommendations, home reediness recommendations to make your post-surgery healing as easy as possible. Even provide you with a pre surgery lymphatic massage to prepare your lymphatic system for optimal efficiency

If I am unable to meet with you prior to your surgery I still have several available services for you to utilize in your healing journey, Immediate compression garment assessment as well as second stage garment recommendations. Manual Lymphatic Massage to move post-surgical fluid and improve results. Once your incisions are healed, we can begin scar management to reduce the growth of scar tissue and minimize the appearance of your incisions.