A Caring Approach

I believe that massage is a very powerful healing modality to not only the body but the soul as well. I pride myself in listening to your body through intuition and experience and try to bring each one of my clients a unique custom healing experience. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients not only on a muscular level but also to connect emotional stresses/traumas to the physical body for a complete healing session.

Amber’s Story

I was born here in Carson City and have lived here my whole life. I have 2 rambunctious dogs Dexter and Lua. I enjoy spending time working around my house on various projects. As well as enjoy many outdoor activities and traveling. I am a landscape photographer so if I am not in the office working you can find me outdoors capturing the views.

Massage Training

I trained at the Bodhi Tree Massage and Healing arts for several years. I really took my time in massage school, doubling the required hands on hours, and learning a wide variety of massage modalities ranging from Deep tissue/Cupping to softer modalities like Lymphatic/Oncology massage and even dabbling into Energy work like Reiki. I really enjoy learning new things and am constantly expanding on my knowledge of the body as well modalities and techniques. I treat everyday as an opportunity to add to my “tool belt” of techniques and knowledge to try and provide my clients with the best body work I can offer.